About Us

We provide communities around the world with necessities such as electricity, clean water, efficient sewerage systems and the latest communication services of the highest quality. Our job is to ensure that the simple things you rely on to work every day, do work.


Tertiary education has an important role to play in broadening horizons and encouraging competitive thinking. We believe that a lack of resources should not preclude promising students from accessing all opportunities and developing their full potential.

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PowerSeraya Scholarships

PowerSeraya was the first energy company to establish its scholarship programme with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in August 2008. This short-term and bond-free Scholarship programme is open to all students from their second year of study undertaking various courses in the College of Engineering, College of Science and Nanyang Business School.

While applicants are selected based on their strong academic results and a good Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) track record, additional considerations are also given to students who have contributed meaningfully to the community or environment.

Under the programme, PowerSeraya scholars will be given the opportunity to undergo an internship stint with the company so they may gain the necessary hands-on experience and skills. They may also re-apply for the scholarship programme throughout the course of their study if they meet the renewal criteria with excellent academic performance.