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The best places to work are those where you believe you can grow, learn and be rewarded for your contributions, as well as doing your part for society in return. We make it a point to support our employees in positive ways, knowing that happy, healthy employees are vital to any organisation's growth.

Employee Voices

Members of the YTL Power International family describe what it is like to be part of a company that serves the needs of people around the world.

  • David Elliott

    Director of Planning and Asset Management, Wessex Water

    The water industry is a long-term business that requires strong values, careful stewardship and long-term vision. YTL has demonstrated beyond all doubt that they have all these characteristics - they have proved to everyone that they are very good owners indeed. The culture of both companies is one of strong, family values, of respect for people and the value that they bring to the group. It is the people who work for this group, guided by strong, unified leadership, who deliver the excellence for which we are recognised.

  • James Barclay

    Intern, YTL Power International

    I have been lucky enough to spend several months as an intern with YTL Power International, based first with Wessex Water in the UK and then at the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. I have been made to feel really welcome, and have enjoyed a great opportunity to get to know the business and to meet a cross-section of the people around the world who make it such a success. I have learned an enormous amount about how a business can be run in a human way. Thousands of miles separate a water treatment works in the UK from a power company in Singapore, but both are members of the YTL family and I have felt equally at home in Europe and Asia. It has been a great experience.

  • Jason Pok Hooi Loong

    Analyst, YTL Power International Berhad

    The YTL Group is a diversified conglomerate with great dreams. It continuously promotes learning and hard work but at the same time encourages a balance between family and work. My journey with YTL Power International is amazing; I learn new things every day and this process has never stopped since day one of my journey. I pray that I can continue to play a vital role in shaping a wonderful future for the company.

  • Jason Marayag

    Senior Technical Officer, PowerSeraya

    YTL Power International is a multinational company with a global reach and ability to strengthen employees' skills. With YTL Power International as our parent company, we in PowerSeraya, have the opportunity to explore work outside our areas of expertise, hone our skills and undergo experiences that will prepare us for future advancement.

  • Sally Teo

    Marketing Manager, PowerSeraya

    With YTL Power International working on a global level, PowerSeraya is able to tap on shared resources within the group to further its success. Within the company, the staff are still empowered to run the business as usual even after the acquisition by YTL Power International. Added staff benefits in the form of discounts for holiday accommodation and YTL shares option are perks that come with being part of the YTL Power International family.

  • Sarah Coombs

    Head of Control Room and Customer Services, Wessex Water

    I love working for Wessex Water and YTL Power International - it is a dynamic and exciting place to work and in my role no two days are the same. I am always secure in the knowledge that if I ever have any issues, concerns or views that they will be listened to and acted upon. It is clear that working with YTL Power International, as with Wessex Water, if you give 100% and are dedicated to the company you become a valued member of the team.