We believe we have a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our businesses for future generations to continue enjoying the earth and her resources. We also strive to improve the lives of the communities in which our businesses operate through educational and social programmes.

Social Responsibility

Our business activities have a direct impact on the communities in which we operate. We make it a point to operate responsibly and give back to these communities through programmes that better the quality of life.

  • YTL Power International takes pride in ensuring equal opportunities and safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of our employees in the workplace, while educating and supporting the community. We are part of the wider network of the YTL Group of companies under the umbrella of YTL Corporation, which has a long-standing commitment to community development, and is a member of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility Malaysia (ICRM), a network of institutions committed to promoting socially responsible business practices.

    Initiatives to support community development in Malaysia:

    • Support of the arts - Our parent company YTL Corporation is a passionate supporter of the arts and culture community in Malaysia and a founding partner of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. YTL Corporation hosts the Starhill Gallery Arts Festival annually.
    • YTL Power International Scholarship Fund – Through its Scholarship Fund, YTL Power International offers scholarships to outstanding students pursuing foundation and degree courses in engineering, IT and accounting, in partnership with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).
    • Education Partner Program (EPP) – In 2010, YTL Communications, a subsidiary of YTL Power International, launched the EPP to provide converged 4G internet services to students in all public and main private universities in Malaysia. This low-latency, high bandwidth wireless network will enable students to access the Internet from anywhere within campus grounds.
  • Our subsidiary, Wessex Water, is actively involved in educational efforts around the UK to help students and communities learn more about water conservation issues. It also supports environmental initiatives such as river and canal conservation. It offers a range of resources for teachers, pupils, and the community at large, such as dedicated education advisers and field study trips to one of its nine education centres around the region, to draw attention to the value of water and protecting the environment.

    Community and environmental initiatives undertaken by Wessex Water include:

    • Wessex Watermark - The company runs the Wessex Watermark Scheme in conjunction with the Conservation Foundation, which supports environmental initiatives in the community such as river and canal conservation and water mill restoration.
    • WaterAid - In support of WaterAid, Wessex Water runs two dedicated fund-raising and awareness programmes among its staff, suppliers, and customers. These include Wessex4West Africa, which has raised over £8 million to provide clean water and safe sanitation to West Africa, and Business4Life, a business training scheme that raises funds for WaterAid as well.
  • Our subsidiary, PowerSeraya, is always committed to making meaningful contributions to the society in which it operates. It aims to support and participate in social and environmental causes that are aligned with the company's core values. The company has organised activities internally for employees as well as worked in partnership with national agencies and non-governmental organisations on external programmes. Some of these include:

    • Responsible Energy Advocates Programme (REAP) - REAP, a sustainability programme wholly sponsored by PowerSeraya in partnership with National Environment Agency and South West Community Development Council, aims to develop tertiary students to be energy advocates in Singapore. It holistically integrates the components of education, community service and project work to benefit the students as well as the community.
      • Social investments - Community initiatives undertaken by PowerSeraya include regular significant contributions towards the UPAGE (Union for Power & Gas Employees) Endowment Fund, donation drives to raise funds for disaster relief, and hosting and participating in social and welfare community events. PowerSeraya also subscribes to the SHARE (Social Help and Assistance Raised by Employees) programme, in which employees contribute to a fund for the needy through their salary.
      • Nurturing students - PowerSeraya provides opportunities to youths to develop themselves academically and socially, through the Nithiah Nandan Book Prize awarded to employees' children who have made meaningful contributions to the community and environment; the PowerSeraya Scholarship Programme for scholars who excel in academic performance; and internship programmes within the company in partnership with tertiary institutions.
      • Environmental Learning Hub (ELH) – PowerSeraya committed a sum of S$170,000 to establish the ELH at Greenridge Secondary School which was launched in 2009. The ELH functions as a resource centre for the eleven schools in the West 6 cluster with an estimated outreach potential of 11,000 students and 770 education staff, in addition to promoting environmental stewardship amongst the community at large.
      • Environmental initiatives – PowerSeraya aims to proactively engage the community at large on environmental-related events and activities to create greater awareness on environmental issues. The company has supported and participated in events such as the International Coastal Cleanup, Clean & Green Singapore, Earth Hour, One Degree Up Challenge and Pulau Semakau CEO Run.
  • PT Jawa Power and PT YTL Jawa Timur are active in programmes that directly aim to improve access to education and healthcare resources for local communities. Special emphasis is placed on programmes that increase income levels, support the education and wellbeing of children, and improve the health of local people. The company has worked with the local community to promote sustainable grassroots economic development by helping and developing small businesses.

    These programmes include:

    • School sponsorship – PT Jawa continually strives to improve education at the two schools it supports, SMP Bhakti Pertiwi and SMA Tunas Luhur, junior and senior high schools, respectively.
    • Economic development - To support small businesses, PT Jawa Power and PT YTL Jawa Timur run programs that involve the transfer of entrepreneurial skills, assistance in obtaining business licenses and helping entrepreneurs gain approval for loans by commercial banks. These activities involve numerous stakeholders, including the local government, community figures, educational institutions and the local community.
  • ElectraNet strives to meet its responsibilities to the community and environment in which it operates through active education programs, vegetation clearance and bushfire preparedness.


    • The company works actively with the fire prevention authorities to proactively manage risks associated with the transmission network in bushfire risk areas.
    • It provides financial support to regional fire protection branches to assist with equipment, training and recruitment costs.
    • It also provides corporate sponsorship to cultural, community and education organisations.